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How to Buy a Laptop for Your Business

Business has become so fast paced, and the need for mobility has become increasingly important. With the advance of technology and Wi-Fi hot spots all over the place, mobility has become easier than ever. And you decide it's time to buy a business laptop so that you can tend to your business no matter where you are. Thankfully, the prices of laptops have stayed fairly low, and some seem to be even coming down in price. What then should you look for when buying a laptop, or notebook, computer for your small business? Here are some answers to frequent buying questions to help you determine your laptop needs.

  1. Is this going to be your main computer? Notebook computer technology has come a long way. And there are many powerful notebooks available that will suffice as your main computer workstation. You may pay a little extra for a more powerful laptop/notebook computer, but it may be the way to go if you are not going to have a desktop computer at your office or home.
  2. How "big" of a computer do you need? This depends on what types of programs your business needs to run. If you are doing a large amount of photo, audio, or video editing, you will need the most powerful notebook computer that you can afford. If you are doing mostly word-processing, working with spreadsheets, and some financial management software, you would do fine with a decent affordable laptop.
  3. What size screen should you get? There are pluses and minuses to getting a large screen on a notebook computer. Of course, large screens are much easier on the eyes (and neck). But they are not easy on the back when you have to carry them everywhere you go. So, how often you will transport your laptop around, may determine the size of screen you will get. If you are mostly staying at your office and want occasional portability, you may opt for a larger screen. If you are constantly on the go, I would opt for a small to medium size screen. If you have a desktop computer that is your main workstation, and you are just getting a notebook for portability, you can get a small to medium size screen for your notebook. Click here to compare screen sizes and weights of some good business laptops.
  4. What features should you look for? You hear all about the amount of gigabytes and gigahertz in a computer. What does it all mean, and how can it help your business? As I mentioned earlier, if you are doing large amounts of photo, audio, or video processing, get the most powerful notebook you can afford. This means, the more gigabytes and gigahertz, the better. If you are just using standard office programs, you would do fine with an affordable laptop with a moderate amount of gigabytes and gigahertz. Click here to compare processor speeds, hard drive sizes, memory capacity, and prices on some great notebook computers.
  5. What brand is the best? For business purposes, I would recommend that you stick with well known brands with high credibility. They will usually offer you great customer support, a good selection of products, and they will have an extensive web site for you to get online support and download updates as needed. Click here for an excellent brand of business notebooks.
  6. Is it better to buy online? Online, you will often find a much larger selection of laptops. You will also have the opportunity to research and study the product specifications online. If you are buying from a reputable company, as I mentioned above, you can feel confident about your online purchase. A few companies also offer free shipping and special financing terms on their notebooks. Click here to start your online research on a business notebook.

Notebook Computer Resources

Here is a link for you to research buying a laptop for your business.


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