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New Photo Printing Technology

These Hewlett Packard Printers are the best photo printers for printing photos directly from your digital camera. They feature Hewlett Packard's newest photo printing technology, PhotoRet IV. This technology surpasses the dots-per-inch technology with a more realistic and efficient way of printing photos. It layers 6 colors of ink to create over 1.2 million true-to-life colors and gives you more vibrant shades, smoother gradients, and natural skin tones. The difference is huge, once you print with these new Hewlett Packard printers, you can never go back to anything else. The quality even excels over lab-developed photos!


Save Money on Ink

Since these new Hewlett Packard printer's PhotoRet IV technology is incredibly efficient at printing photos, you do not use near as much ink as you would with competitor's ink jet photo printers. If you shop wisely, the price of each 4x6 photo will be comparable to or even less than what you would pay at a photo lab. In addition, you will have the added convenience of printing your photos at your leisure, without having to drive somewhere, wait, and hope that they will print the correct photos in the correct quantities. If you are printing larger than 4x6, you will definitely see a huge savings in the cost per print.

Prints That Last for Generations

You know too well how old photos turn orangish-yellowish and dull. This has been a long studied issue in the world of photo quality printing. The sun's UV rays dull photos quickly, but it is the oxidation of the photos in the air that also causes a fast fading effect, especially on the blue color tones. Photos printed on Hewlett Packard paper using the new Hewlett Packard printers for photos are documented to have a fade resistance of up to 65-73 years. That is at least twice as long as standard lab-processed photos. Also, when they finally fade, the colors will fade more evenly, without an orange tone left on the photo.


Best of the Best Photo Printers

hp photosmart 7550 printer HP Photosmart 7550 Printer
This printer is really the best of the best. It is extremely user friendly. It prints photos and documents quickly and easily. No need to boot up your computer to edit and print photos anymore! Just slide your digital camera card into the slot on the printer and your photos appear on the printer screen. Then select the photos you want to print and press "print". It's that simple!

If you're into scrapbooking, there are neat borders you can put around your photos, and you can print in black and white, sepia tone, and even antique. You can edit photo brightness, zoom, crop, and rotate photos. Pretty cool. This printer also prints regular documents, using it's 3rd ink cartridge, giving you laser quality black text. If you want the best quality and a printer that can easily be used by family members of virtually any age, this is the Hewlett Packard printer that you want.
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Runner Up of the Best Photo Printers

hp photosmart 7350 printer HP Photosmart 7350 Printer
The HP Photosmart 7350 printer is an awesome value printer! You are getting the ease of printing without a computer and also making some photo edits right on the printer. How this works is, you place your digital camera card into the card slot on the printer and print an index sheet which gives you small samples of each of your photos and numbers them. Then you type in the number of the photos you want to print on the printer and press "print". Voila! You've got incredible photos immediately!

What if you wanted to print regular stuff like email and word documents? Just swap out the photo cartridge for a black cartridge, and you've got laser quality text without wasting your photo ink.
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Mobile Version of the Best Photo Printers

hp photosmart 230 printer HP Photosmart 230 Printer
If you're going on vacation, this Hewlett Packard printer is a "gotta have it"! Don't leave home without it! It is a minnie version of the HP Photosmart 7550 Printer. You've got all the photo editing abilities, and the ability to see your photos on the printer screen. Pop in your digital camera card and print those gorgeous vacation photos on 4x6 paper. Then send them as postcards while you're on your vacation. This is way too cool not to have. How surprised will your jealous friends be when they get a postcard of you sitting on the beach with a cocktail!

This compact Hewlett Packard printer can fit into a camcorder bag and easily transported to any location, birthday parties, family get togethers, vacations, the list is endless!
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